Joe D'Imperio


If you want to know something about me, then you should get to know the people that I am lucky enough to have around me. They are the heart and soul of ProMedia. They are the talent, the artists, the storytellers, and the deadline makers. They are the dedicated people that will either help you complete your vision or help you find it. But above all, they are great people. You should get to know them.
But enough about me...

Michael Canzoniero

Head of Production

A Graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the New York University Graduate Film School, Michael Canzoniero is an accomplished director/producer with many award winning feature films and television shows under his belt.  His latest epic Don Peyote starring Dan Fogler, Anne Hathaway and Josh Duhamel was distributed theatrically across the country in 2014.  Earlier work includes the SXSW comedy The Marconi Bros starring Zoe Lister Jones, Jon Polito and Brendan Sexton III.  Known for keeping his cool under the most stressful of productions including several outlandish reality shows which would have broken mere mortal souls, Canzoniero is a complete filmmaker who's  worn practically every hat on a set but has only been in front of the camera once... twenty-six takes later... it didn't end well.

Pete Serenita

Head Engineer/Sound Design

Pete began his career as a percussionist while at the University of Miami, then as an audio engineer for live concerts and studio sessions. The bulk of his career however has been behind the console for some of the most well-known Television and Radio spots of all time. From Sesame Street to Carnegie Hall, from talking M&M’s to A&E’s Biography and everywhere in between, Pete's successful career continues to bring talent, dedication, and creativity to every project large or small.

When Pete is not in the studio, he is out with his family sailing, skiing, golfing, or finding new hot sauce.

Adam Yeremian

Director of Operations

An internationally award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and television editor whose work  (Factory Days and News From Nowhere) with Warhol director, Paul Morrissey was received by Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. As a television editor, he cut his teeth on the mean streets of VH1's Love and Hip Hop and Black Ink Crew. Armed with a wide range of knowledge of various post production workflows and a demeanor that can make even the most difficult personalities smile, Adam brings a confident, warm, professional spirit to ProMedia's Post Production division.

Steve Calalang

Senior Colorist

From camera assistant to international colorist, short format to feature length, Steve is truly an embodiment of diversity within the motion picture industry. As he graded literally millions of feet of film for dailies his keen eye for color led him to collaborations with the likes of Academy Award winning cinematographers like Emmanuel Lubezki and Robert Elswit. Always striving for challenges, Steve began to provide final color on commercials and mastered numerous films for the prestigious Criterion Collection. As the senior digital intermediate colorist for Technicolor’s Bangkok Thailand facility, Steve graded projects for numerous Asian and Middle Eastern countries. He maintains close relationships with clients by fostering their ideas and using his creativity to help their visions come to life through color.

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Desiree Lavoy

Operations Coordinator

Proving the overly polite and hard working Canadian stereotype to be accurate, Desiree Lavoy is one of the most active cogs in the ProMedia machine. Her technical problem solving skills are only rivaled by her dedication and ability to deliver in high pressure working environments. Additionally, she provided post production support services for The Herbert Brothers (A & E), various feature films, and edited branded campaigns for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Capital Records and Gaiam TV.

Ben Perez

Senior Colorist

Ben is a true New York Color Correction veteran after logging over 20 years of experience in the city that never sleeps. In that time, he has graded some well known commercials, music videos, and features such as The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Violet and Daisy, Lola Vs., and Backwards. Additionally, he mastered documentaries like Election Day, My Favorite American, and Neil Young's docu-concert. When he isn't working with film legends like Jonathan Demme, Robert Elswit, Stuart Dryburgh, and Robert Richardson, he is coloring shows like Louie and Alpha House.

Sara Lennox


Sara gave up six years of living and traveling abroad (which included sailing across the Atlantic Ocean) to come back to New York City and steep herself in the personalities and experiences that make television great. As a confident producer/editor she recently lent her skill set to The Next 27 Denzel Washington Movies for College Humor, The Face Off, fan series #AnnaLynneGoesToCollege, as well as branding campaigns for Appaman’s Spring 2015 Collection and Real Simple Magazine’s online content.

When not passionately engaged in helping people craft their stories, Sara de-stresses at the tennis court, indulges at vegan restaurants, and goes culture/adventure-seeking with her husband and kids.