ProMedia offers production services for television, motion pictures, commercial and corporate work. From initial concept, production coordinating to principle photography we can supply a vast range of camera, grip and lighting equipment as well as seasoned professional crew who will make your vision a reality.

Working in a state of the art customized Sprinter van, we pack a multitude amount of lighting gear into a compact space, making it the perfect size for working in urban as well as residential areas. Our customization lets the lighting team work swiftly and efficiently, with safety as our highest priority. All of our gear on the truck can be rolled out of the van using the full sized lift gate, making those long hauls to a location a breeze. There is no need to worry about finding anything on this Sprinter. Everything is clearly marked with the quantity and item name and has its own place where it goes, making the wrap time expeditious. Working at night? No problem, we have installed custom led lighting inside and outside the van for those lengthy night-time shoots.

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